Cody Rhodes Wants To Sign Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio featured at 'All In' last year

rey mysterio
Image via Twitter

Cody Rhodes, the Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling, has actively fuelled the WWE-AEW war in recent times. Cody appeared at Starrcast III and talked on a variety of topics about his WWE career and the current AEW system.

One of the topics for discussion was Rey Mysterio, about whom Cody spoke at length. Cody felt that Rey had a major impact on his career during his early days. He said that Rey Mysterio said to Dean Malenko once that he will wrestle Cody at WrestleMania. According to Cody, this was a big deal for him and helped his career.

Cody had only nothing but good things to say about the Luchador, and said the only thing he dislikes about Mysterio is that he spells his name as ‘Codey’.

Rey Mysterio’s deal with WWE will expire next summer, and there were rumors of about Mysterio moving to AEW soon. Cody said that he will definitely sign the former WWE Champion if WWE doesn’t treat him well.

“I hope they do right by Rey, because if they don’t I’m gonna steal that son of a b***h right off of them. Hashtag contract tampering.”

Rey Mysterio featured at All In last year and participated in the main event against the Golden Elite. Mysterio teamed up with Bandido and Rey Fenix to take on Kota Ibushi and the Young Bucks. Mysterio signed with WWE shortly after his All In appearance and officially returned to the roster at the SmackDown 1000 episode.

Rey Mysterio has been a limbo ever since returning to WWE and has generally stayed away from the main-event scene. For a superstar like Mysterio, who is arguably the greatest Luchador of all time, a stay in the mid-card is not exactly justified.

WWE should step up their game or else we could see Mysterio on Wednesday nights soon!