Cody Rhodes Was Reportedly Set To Win Money In The Bank Contract On Two Occasions

Cody Rhodes
Image via WWE

Cody Rhodes has become one of the biggest stars in AEW over the past few months and has proved to WWE that he deserved to have more chance than he was handed. Rhodes was always seen as a mid-carder in Vince McMahon‘s company but it appears that he could have been fast-tracked to a WWE Championship match on a number of different occasions.

Alex McCarthy of TalkSport recently spoke to The American Nightmare, where he revealed that he was originally supposed to win the Money in the Bank ladder match in both 2011 and 2012.

“I’m so far removed now I can give you a little bit of detail on this, and I hold no grudges and I’m not sour over it. But the two years prior to that Money in the Bank [in 2013], I was told I was winning Money in the Bank. This is two years in a row. Two years in a row I was told in advance I was winning Money in The Bank and both times, it changed on the day. On the actual day. So, if you guys ever wonder why I get a little spicy every now and then – that’s a life-changing decision that you’re prepared for that then changes. You have to have very thick skin in wrestling sometimes, mine’s not that thick.”

Of course, even though Rhodes never got his hands on the coveted Money in the Bank contract, there was the time when Damien Sandow and Rhodes feuded over the title and it was some of the best storytelling of 2013.

It’s unknown what the future holds for Rhodes, but he can now sit safely in the knowledge that if AEW introduces a similar match type, then he could climb the ladder and retrieve The briefcase on AEW instead since he is currently one of the company’s biggest draws.