Colt Cabana Reveals The Moment He Knew Punk And Him Were Going To Win Against WWE Dr. Chris Amann


Former WWE Superstars CM Punk and Colt Cabana scored a huge victory this week as the jury ruled in favour of the duo in legal battle against WWE Dr. Chris Amann. The verdict came about 2 hours after the closing arguments and stated that neither Punk nor Cabana owes any damages to Dr. Amann after the 4-year defamation lawsuit against them.

Post-verdict, Cabana looked back at the moment when he knew that the case would go in their favour.

“I said to myself ‘I think we have this right now’ when my lawyer and Punk’s lawyer got very excited about him saying HIPPA and them coming out with and introducing the NXT group text chat that saw him and Jericho talking about Punk’s medical relationship.” Colt Cabana said on Wrestling Observer Live. “I’d never seen it but my lawyer goes, ‘watch this’ kinda pats me and is like, ‘you’re gonna want to see this play out.’ I was like, ‘oo alright.’”

“And I saw my lawyer say to Punk’s lawyer say like, ‘no you bring it up have fun.’ Because he was going to bring it up in cross-examination. So that was the thing I saw where my lawyer said this was a home run.”