Contract Signing For Championship Match At Super Show-Down Set For Tuesday

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It looks like the final chapter in the deeply personal rivalry that has developed between the current WWE Champion AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will be written during the upcoming WWE Super Show-Down.

The Super Show-Down, which will be held in Melbourne, Australia on October 6, will be the next time these two men officially square off in the ring. However, before the actual match, the two men will come face to face again on Tuesday night during SmackDown.

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SmackDown General Manager Paige has taken to social media to announce that, on the upcoming episode of SmackDown, there will be an official contract signing for the championship title match at WWE Super Show-Down.

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Both AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are expected on SmackDown to sign the contract for the championship title match.

According to Paige, the match at WWE Super Show-Down will be a no disqualification and no count-out match. There must be a winner and that winner will walk away as the WWE Champion.

AJ Styles became WWE Champion for the second time in November of last year. As of this year’s Extreme Rules, he is now the longest-reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown history.

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His current rivalry with Samoa Joe began when Joe ambushed Styles and announced that he was Styles SummerSlam opponent. The rivalry quickly became personal, with Joe bringing Styles’ fitness as a father and husband into the equation.

Styles won the SummersSlam match versus Joe via disqualification when he attacked Joe outside the ring as Joe was taunting Styles family who were in the crowd. During Hell in a Cell, the two clashed again, with Styles emerging victorious.