Corey Graves Admits AEW Has Fired Up WWE Superstars

The revamped locker room morale could be a huge advantage for WWE

Image via WWE

AEW announced its official launch at the beginning of this year and, 7 months later, not only has the company managed to build a solid world-class roster, but the upstart promotion has also hosted three successful pay-per-views and is now ready to take the fight to the mighty WWE.

With AEW ready to draw first blood, Superstars have gotten motivated so much so that everyone is “busting their ass every night” all across the globe to prove that WWE is still the top dog in the pro wrestling business.

While speaking to Two Man Power Trip, RAW & SmackDown color-commentator Corey Graves talked about “external forces” that have reinvigorated the WWE locker room. The retired NXT Superstar couldn’t out-right name AEW but didn’t deny when the upstart promotion was referenced later on.

“People get mad about storylines sending me mean tweets and I’m like ‘I didn’t write it, man I saw it when you did. There’s obviously a little bit of internal buzz and obviously there are external forces that everybody’s talking about and in a weird way it’s kind of reinvigorated definitely the locker room. Hopefully, you know that’s the start of something cool that’s going to permeate throughout the entire company, but I know the boys and girls that bust their ass every night all around the world, they’re fired up now.”

“It’s exciting to see and it’s a small change and it’s gonna take time, and it’s going to take a lot of effort, but yes. Hopefully, yes in a short answer, yes I think it is a change of something.”

Graves is also optimistic about the change that has graced WWE in the last few weeks since the beginning of the Paul Heyman era. It is to be noted that fear of stiff competition from AEW has forced WWE to switch to an edgier product and fans are already loving the ‘fresh’ programming.