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Corey Graves Comments On “Ridiculous” WWE Storyline, Reveals Who WWE Tried To Bring Back From Saudi Arabia

Corey Graves has been moved from Raw to SmackDown recently as part of the WWE Draft and has since found his home on the two-man broadcast team alongside Michael Cole.

Graves not being on Monday Night Raw anymore is probably a blessing, since Graves recently commented on the current controversial storyline between Bobby Lashley, Lana, and Rusev, going as far as to call it ridiculous.

Graves was speaking on his new WWE sponsored podcast called After The Bell, when he decided to give his honest opinion on the storyline that currently has everyone talking.

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“Something that I don’t think you will enjoy – because God knows I haven’t – is this endless soap opera between Rusev and Lana and Lashley. My god, let it end. Let the suffering stop. I don’t feel bad for Rusev. I think Rusev looks ridiculous,” he said via Sportskeeda.

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Poor Rusev has been embroiled in a storyline that involved his wife Lana having an affair with fellow star Bobby Lashley. The storyline has been on-going for the past few weeks and last week Lana accused Rusev of being the one who cheated on her.

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The feud continued this week and is obviously building towards a match between the two men since Lashley refused to face The Bulgarian Brute this week on Raw since he suffered a “groin injury.”

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Rusev was instead forced to face off against Drew McIntyre and Lashley went on to attack him after the match instead. Many fans have commented on the fact that the storyline is a step back for the women’s division and it’s making Rusev and Lashley look terrible, that being said, the Youtube videos of the segment have still been getting hits, so it appears that WWE will continue to push out this story as long as fans keep watching the clips of it online.

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Graves also revealed who the “Saudi 20” were that WWE attempted to get back for the SmackDown episode on Friday night and stated that these were only the stars who were advertised for the show.

“They de-planed everybody and then at some point, people from management came around and said, ‘Hey, if we can get a group of you guys to SmackDown, would you be willing to do it? This is where it comes down to being a professional; we wanted to do it!” Graves exclaimed.

“So, we’ve been given the nickname or the reported hashtag, ‘The Saudi 20’. Depending on who you ask, ‘It was the twenty most important people in the company’. That wasn’t the case. What it boiled down to was the people who were advertised for Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. Your King Corbin, Roman Reigns, The Revival, New Day, guys that had advertised matches who did not want to let anyone down, including ourselves,” he said via WrestlingInc.


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