Corey Graves Reacts After WWE Pulls “Shut Up Saxton” Shirt Off Their Shop

Merchandise sale is a great source of income for WWE superstars and it is usually the performing wrestlers that benefit from this. That however changed when commentator Corey Graves got his own shirt on This was largely due to the banter he and fellow commentator Byron Saxton have on air. They take contrasting stance during commentary, with Saxton taking the side of the faces while Graves siding with the heels. This often leads to verbal disputes between them with Graves often resorting to “Shut up Saxton” which happened to be the slogan on the shirt. Every time Saxton comes up with an argument, Graves uses this quip to put a stop to it.

Unfortunately, the shirt wasn’t available for long and was pulled from WWE’s online store on Monday. The reason behind this might be many such as not getting a good enough response but it briefly did open up an avenue for some extra money that commentators aren’t usually privy to.

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Graves set the whole thing in motion when he had tagged the WWE Shop account regarding the popularity of the phrase he uses to silence Saxton and WWE shop responded quite quickly in coming up with a design. It might be sad that the shirt is no longer on sale and when asked about it he replied with the following tweet.

We would like to point out right now that despite the show of enmity the two put on in front of the camera, Graves and Saxton are actually good friends off-screen and this was just a playful rib at their on-screen characters. The merchandise department just tried to cash in on it.