Corey Graves Takes Shots At Dave Meltzer On Twitter

Corey Graves is a controversial personality within WWE and is often in the limelight for doing the wrong things. Graves started out as a potential Hall of Fame level commentator in the company, but has divulged into an annoying character on social media and even during commentary.

Graves recently made remarks on Mauro Ranallo‘s commentary on Twitter, which led to Ranallo deleting his Twitter and missing Survivor Series last night. Graves’ words were listed as the reason behind Ranallo’s absence, but Michael Cole noted on commentary that Ranallo was tired after the WarGames show.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE officials were not happy with Graves’ actions on Twitter, and Ranallo’s position was fine in the company. Meltzer noted that Graves’ words led to Ranallo’s absence from Survivor Series, but he will return to NXT TV this week.

Graves responded to Meltzer’s comments and said he is spreading a false narrative. Graves asked Meltzer to call him and ask for his reactions rather than pushing a false story into the media.

This is not the first time Dave Meltzer has been called out for posting things without full information, as Seth Rollins recently lashed out after Meltzer shared an incident that was apparently fake.

Graves’s relationship with Carmella has also been subject of various speculations, with some saying Graves cheated on his wife. The former NXT superstar is also on Total Divas this season with his current girlfriend and has denied all reports of cheating in the past.

Dave Meltzer has often been called out for posting anti-WWE things, although he has heaped praise on NXT from time to time. It remains to be seen which version of the story is true, as Graves getting heat for his comments would not be a surprise.