Corey Graves’ Wife Accuses Him Of ‘Sleeping With’ Another WWE Superstar


Current WWE RAW and SmackDown commentator Corey Graves is being accused of sleeping with another WWE Superstar, by his wife Amy Polinsky.

In a series of Instagram posts that have since been taken down, Polinsky said she was hurt and sad that she had spent “11 years supporting a man to accomplish his dream only for him to punch me in the gut.”

She elaborates that she has stood by Grave’s side through “suicide attempts, alcoholism, among so much more.” What really broke her is “he’s been sleeping with one of my daughter’s role models all along.” That “role model” is then named as WWE Women’s Superstar Carmella.

She also shared screenshots of texts that Graves was supposed to have sent when feeling suicidal.

After her initial post was taken down, she then took to Instagram Story to post a screenshot of a more recent text conversation with Graves. In this conversation, Graves alleges that she should take the post down because “WWE is gonna sue you.”

Polinsky’s last word on the subject?  “Threatening to sue me. Wow. You Should be proud!”

There has yet to be any official comment from Carmella, or from the WWE on the matter, though they notably haven’t really responded to allegations of infidelity on the roster in the past. In one case though, back in the Attitude Era, an alleged affair led to a storyline love triangle between Edge, Matt Hardy, and Lita.

It’s doubtful that, in this PG Era, such behavior will be flaunted onscreen. It’s also doubtful that the WWE will want to draw attention to the story by acknowledging it. Most likely, if they respond, it will be more along the lines of how they responded to Jimmy Uso’s arrest early this week, so and so is “responsible for his own personal actions.”