Could Roman Reigns Finally Be Set To Turn Heel?

Paul Heyman
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Roman Reigns is the number one contender for the Universal Championship right now and challenges Brock Lesnar for the title this weekend at SummerSlam, but coming out of The Biggest Party Of The Summer, it appears that The Big Dog could be set to finally turn heel.

Not a day goes by that the WWE Universe doesn’t pressure WWE into turning Reigns heel since he receives a negative reaction from almost every crowd that he appears in front of.

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, the plans for live shows coming out of SummerSlam see Reigns set to open up a feud with Braun Strowman.

This could mean that Strowman cashes in his Money In The Bank contract at SummerSlam and lifts the Universal title following Reigns’ match with Lesnar.

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Strowman was once supposed to be seen as a heel, but the Mr. Monster In The Bank has become a firm fan favorite with the WWE Universe in recent years, which means that he would obviously be seen as the face in a feud with Roman Reigns.

Many members of the WWE Universe will remember when the duo first feuded last year and how Reigns came off looking like the bad guy against The Monster Among Men.

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Last night on Raw, there was a tease between Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns that could have seen them work together and even though it was all a ruse for Brock Lesnar to get the upperhand over his challenger ahead of their match.

This could also have been foreshadowing as a way of seeing if the WWE Universe would respond well to a union between Heyman and Reigns and this could then be their idea for the future.