Could The Young Bucks Be Headed To WWE?


The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson are set to be free agents by the end of 2018. The brothers had signed a two-year deal in late 2016 which kept the hottest tag team in pro-wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. On May 23, Nick Jackson re-affirmed the team’s contract status on Twitter:

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The Young Bucks have been making loads of money on the indie wrestling scene along with running a merchandise empire. Recently, they did the unthinkable with Cody Rhodes by having a sold-out 10,000 seat building for the upcoming ALL IN event.

While The Young Bucks will be free to sign with WWE by the end of this year, they have over time indicated their lack of interest in signing with the world’s largest wrestling promotion. During a recent interview with WWE icon and current NJPW star, Chris Jericho, Matt said that it would be “kind of dumb” to sign with WWE at this stage of their careers.

“If we left right now [for WWE], it would be kind of dumb of us because they couldn’t pay us what we’re making right now, not with the schedule we’re on too. There’s no way,” Matt said. “Of course they could [afford the pay]! Do you know what I mean? I just don’t think they would!”

Nick also told Y2J that although a future WWE deal is not something they can answer “because [they] don’t know the future,” it will always be a lingering question for them and the hottest independent pro-wrestling star Kenny Omega, if they don’t ever end up signing with Vince McMahon’s company. Jackson also faded into nostalgia by mentioning WWE being their inital goal while starting out.

“It’s always going to be a question. No matter how big we get, it will always be a question that lingers on in our career, I think, as well as Kenny because the three of us, well, he went to [WWE] developmental for a little bit, but people don’t remember that. I don’t even know if that counts as a WWE run, but it will always be a question. The way we’re going, we could probably quit in five years,” Nick said. “At this point, [WWE]’s not a goal. We don’t need it. It was [a goal] for sure. For our first eight years, that was the goal.”