Curt Hawkins Reaches Huge Milestone In WWE

Curt Hawkins returned to WWE following the 2016 Brand Split and over the past two years, he has begun a streak that no other star in the wrestling business would enjoy promoting. Hawkins’ losing streak reached 0-223 earlier this week following a loss to Zack Ryder at a WWE Live Event but now Hawkins himself has confirmed that he has gone two years without a single victory in the ring.

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Hawkins has lost to some interesting superstars over the past two years and at one point was part of WWE’s European Tour where he was losing on a regular basis to Aleister Black before he went on to become NXT Champion.

Hawkins has taken to the role well and even stated in a recent interview that WWE had forgotten all about the streak and that he had to refuse to win a match because WWE didn’t have a plan for him going forward and he wanted the end of the streak to mean something.

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The former Tag Team Champion has been out of action over the past few months following a hernia but made his return to the ring recently to take on his former partner Zack Ryder, and the pair will interestingly reunite as part of next year’s WrestleMania party.

It is thought that Hawkins will make his return to Monday Night Raw next week and now that his streak has officially been going for two years, WWE has no option but to take him and his loss record seriously and hopefully book him in a feud that could see him finally pick up that all-important win against one of the bigger stars in the company.