D-Von Dudley Says Lynch’s Pregnancy Announcement Was Kept a Secret From Backstage

The latest episode of Raw opened with an announcement from then Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

To the surprise of the WWE Universe, Lynch was relinquishing her championship as she was pregnant. According to D-Von Dudley, Lynch’s news was a surprise to the WWE talent backstage.

In his podcast Table Talk, Dudley said that most of the roster was surprised Lynch was pregnant, including the women’s Money In The Bank winner, Asuka.

“No one knew, and we were watching the segment just like everyone else was at home,” said Dudley. “And if I’m not mistaken I believe Asuka didn’t know, so the reaction that she gave was extremely genuine and natural.”

“The response when she did say, ‘You’re going to go off to be WWE (RAW) Women’s champion, and I’m going to go off and be a mother,’ everybody in the room just went, ‘What?!'” he added.

While Dudley did believe that Lynch’s reveal and the segment were great, he did add that it might have been even more epic if it had been in front of a live crowd.

“If we would have had a crowd, the emotion that would have went through the arena would have been incredible, … it kind of reminds me (of) when Randy Savage and Elizabeth got back together after being beat by The Ultimate Warrior,” he said.

He also praised Lynch for her work leading up to this moment and how she was able to keep a level head even as her stature in the WWE increased.