Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans Invite WWE Performance Center Stalker to Attend Raw Tapings

Armando Alejandro Montalvo has earned quite a name for himself in the pro wrestling industry. Widely known as the notorious WWE Performance Center stalker, Armando earned himself the infamous moniker by getting shot by Orange County Police outside of the gigantic training facility in 2015. However, Armando’s affair with WWE isn’t over just yet.

Several weeks ago, Armando appeared at the Performance Center venue while carrying a cross and ranting loudly. WWE had to file a violation of a protective order claim on him. At the trial, Armando labeled the Judge as “baby girl.”

During the Monday Night RAW taping this week, Armando showed up outside of the said WWE premises and began a live stream on Facebook. Since the Performance Center is just a walk from Montalvo’s house, it makes it easier for him to stalk the premises whenever he wants.

Once again, Armando caused a scene as he chatted with the security personnel and police officers, and re-enacted his shooting scene by laying on the pavement.

The infamous stalker kept the camera pointed toward himself the entire while and yelled “God bless you, what’s your name?” and “Hey! Don’t smoke cigarettes, if you do, you’ll cough and then you’ll drop dead!” at the bystanders.

At that moment, two familiar voices were heard on the stream. While Armando never turned his camera around, it was Lacey Evans alongside Dana Brooke who had come out to confront him.

The two Superstars encouraged Armando to enter the Performance Center and be part of the audience. It is to be noted that WWE did bring some fans in the building for this week’s episode.

The cops then told Armando that they would have to send him to jail if he steps foot on the WWE property ever again. The notorious stalker yelled, “THE DIVAS ARE TRYING TO GET ME INTO TROUBLE!”

Armando was thereafter confronted by a man whose daughter was upset with the entire drama. Things heated up real quick and Armando dared the man to take the first swing. That man replied that he isn’t afraid of going to jail.

A referee rushed and broke them up and someone asked Armando to “try AEW.” The notorious stalker left the Performance Center soon after.