Dana Brooke Confirms She Is Going On a Date With Batista

Dana Brooke and Batista are currently part of the most bizarre relationship, which started after Batista simply tweeted ‘sup’ to Dana Brooke. Brooke appeared on WWE Bump this week and talked about her love story with the Animal.

Brooke confirmed that she is indeed going on a date with the now-retired superstar, and could even show up with him at a movie premiere. Brooke talked about how the relationship came into fruition and said that the WWE Universe had a big part in this.

Brooke said that the whole thing is quite bizarre to her as well, as relationships often start on a lower-level before gaining more public attention. In her case, the situation was exactly the opposite.

“This is all backwards, right? Because you try to keep your relationships on the DL and down-low and hush hush for a minute. This is completely opposite. Everything is out there in the open and I’m like, ‘Oh my god what’s going on?!’ Like this is crazy to me, everyone knows everything.”

Batista is known to be quite a personality on social media and has made such approaches to several WWE superstars in the past. Brooke seems to be the first one to find it interesting, and now the two wrestlers are in the middle of a romantic storyline, but in real life!

Brooke added by talking about how both of them share common interests like working out, and she won’t mind having WWE cameras film their relationship.

Their relationship was even referenced on WWE Backstage this week, with all the panelists talking about the absurdity of this courtship. A special video was produced for the newest WWE couple, which was rated Mature for TV audiences!

It will be interesting to see if Brooke and Batista ever make it to WWE television as a couple, as the Beauty and the Beast will surely make for compelling TV with their surprising chemistry.