Dana Brooke Reacts To Being Forgotten In The Raw Women’s Division

Dana Brooke
Image via Diva-Dirt.com

Dana Brooke has been underutilized and overlooked on the main roster over the past few years, but she herself came forward a few months ago when she was missed off the official poster for The Royal Rumble.

It was hoped that WWE learned from that mistake but it seems that this has happened once again as a poster for TLC has been released showing the Raw Women’s Division and Alexa Bliss, but Dana Brooke once again isn’t part of the design.

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Image via Ringsidenews.com

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This past week on Raw, Brooke was part of an angle with Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox, but when Bliss stepped in to prevent another attack, she told Brooke that she was welcome to remain at ringside before making a tag team match without her.

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This shows how little WWE think about Brooke since Alicia Fox has been part of so many botches over the past few months that the company could have opted to put Brooke in the match instead.

As seen from the image above, it’s obvious that this is getting to Brooke now, since that’s two posters she has been missed off, she hasn’t been able to be part of much of the history-making in WWE over the past few years and now Alexa Bliss is in charge of the Women’s Division, things don’t seem to be looking up for her.

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Brooke has shown so much improvement over the past few months and this shows whenever WWE allow her to freely wrestle on TV, but there are so many women on Raw at present that there are always going to be a few that miss out on these opportunities, but Brooke is consistently on the outside of this and it’s becoming a pattern.