Dana Brooke Suffers Bloody Injury At Main Event Tapings Ahead Of Monday Night Raw

Brooke is underutilized and has been reduced to being a jobber on the company's flagship show


Dana Brooke hasn’t been featured heavily on Monday Night Raw over the past few months and has instead been reduced to dark matches or matches as part of Main Event. This week was no different as the former NXT star took on Sarah Logan as part of the tapings ahead of Raw but things took a dark turn.

Dana Brooke was thrown into a turnbuckle mid-way through the match and her eye was then busted open. The referee was then forced to call off the match and put up the dreaded “X” Symbol, which is something that neither of these women wanted after being underutilized over the past few months.

Brooke was able to wave to the crowd after the match was cut short and was then helped to the back, but this adds to the bad news for the former bodybuilder during her main roster stint.

A few months ago, as part of an interview with former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia, Brooke admitted that she was thinking of quitting WWE after the company canceled a match that had already been promoted between herself and Natalya on Raw without any notice.

Brooke has never been taken seriously on the main roster but various reports suggest that the creative team is not the problem since they have been pushing to put the star into angles and storylines but they are continuously shot down which is why she has been reduced to being a jobber on the company’s flagship show.

Brooke isn’t thought to have been seriously injured by the turnbuckle, it was just a precaution by the referee to cut the match short just in case.

The future for both women now remains unclear, but Logan cut an un-televised promo on Raw where she talked about being a Viking and raiding the Women’s Division which means that she could be set to join her husband’s Viking Raiders tag team.