Dana Brooke Talks About Her Current Relationship With Batista

Current Raw superstar Dana Brooke and WWE Hall of Famer Batista garnered some attention last year for some flirty Twitter exchanges.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Brooke confirmed that they had indeed been dating for a while, but were now just very good friends.

 “There’s always been interest between Dave and I as far as friendships and everything,” said Brooke. “We share a lot in common as far as being in the business and outside, and being very passionate about giving back and charity work as well.”

According to Brooke, they had gone “out to some places in Tampa”, but that the relationship hadn’t really prospered due to both of their busy schedules. They did “still communicate” on a regular basis and Brooke implied that her current boyfriend, boxer Ulysses “Uly” Diaz, is friendly with Batista as well.

Diaz had participated in a segment of the short-lived Raw Underground, battling Dolph Ziggler, and Brooke at the time had lobbied to be a combatant on one of the segments.

“I’m like ‘this is perfect.’ If {Uly and I} came out, male and female taking over Raw Underground, this would be just incredible,” she recalled.

Though Raw Underground seems to be no more, Brooke told Forbes she hoped it would come back and she and Diaz could still participate.