Danhausen Wins ROH Contract at Final Battle

During the ROH Final Battle Event, indie wrestler Danhausen found himself in a match with his ROH employment on the line.

Danhausen was facing Brian Johnson during Final Battle, which is the last ROH event for 2020. If Danhausen were to win the match, he would get an ROH contract.

Danhausen was originally reported “signed” by ROH back on October 31, however, his signing was under the condition that he would need to win an ROH match before the end of 2020.

Johnson has been taunting Danhausen and his fans leading up to the match, saying that he would “disappoint” Danhausen’s “keyboard warriors” who wanted him signed by ROH.

During the match, he continued to taunt Danhausen, eventually grabbing a mic mid-match to say that a “clown” like him didn’t deserve to share a ring with someone who worked as hard to get to ROH as Johnson had.

The finish of the match had Danhausen distracting the referee and getting hold of the mic. He then rubbed the mic over his face paint, transferring some onto it. He then acted like he had been struck by it and the ref believed it, DQ-ing Johnson and awarding the win to Danhausen.