Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston Use CM Punk’s Finisher At Live Event, Update On AEW Ticket Sales

Image via DailyDDT

CM Punk is slowly and steadily becoming an unavoidable part of professional wrestling which will never leave the industry. The ghost of Punk continues to haunt WWE, even after five years since his departure.

It is not an uncommon sight to see WWE audiences chant ‘CM Punk’ during the shows, and the same happened at a live event in Peru. Kofi Kingston defended his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan this weekend in Peru’s capital of Lima. During the match, the vocal audiences started a ‘CM Punk’ chant, after booing Bryan throughout the match.

A visibly frustrated Bryan hoisted Kingston up and delivered two Go To Sleep finishers back-to-back. The Go-To Sleep or GTS as it is commonly known was CM Punk’s finisher during his time in WWE. After Punk left in 2014, Hideo Itami used it as his finisher on the main roster.

Hideo Itami originally used this maneuver in Japan, and Punk brought the move with him to WWE. Interestingly, Bryan’s current finisher, the Running Knee, also belonged to Itami originally.

Bryan went for a third GTS which was blocked by Kofi Kingston, who reversed it and delivered a GTS of his own! The whole sequence made the crowd go wild, and the two superstars had some fun with the crowd down in South America.

Stephanie McMahon and Elias have previously tackled the ‘CM Punk’ chants quite well, with Stephanie referencing Punk’s quick defeat in his UFC debut.

Elsewhere, All Elite Wrestling’s fourth and fifth shows are yet to sell out. The first three shows of AEW on TNT were sold out in quick time, but apparently, the next two shows haven’t received the same response. Speaking about the sales Dave Meltzer said,

“No sell outs in either market. They did 4,000 — something like that, maybe less in Charleston, but yeah so that’s about what Pittsburgh would do. Pittsburgh did 6,000 when RAW was there. So, you know 4,000 first day, it’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be interesting.”

It won’t be an easy task for AEW to replicate their success every week, and its just a part of the business.