Daniel Bryan Misses His Daughter, Wants A Lighter Schedule

daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan was a guest on one of the recent Gorilla Position podcasts. During the interview, Bryan talked about many things but the highlight of this was him explaining how he wants a lighter schedule with WWE. He does not want to wrestle more than 100 matches a year.

While this might come as a sad news for his fans, his reasoning will make people understand that he has a point. Things aren’t the same like the last time he was an active wrestler. He is a father now and he has already missed his daughter’s first birthday. He does not want to miss any more on his daughter’s life and wants to be an active part of it. He further elaborates that it is tougher than being away from his wife.

He also talked about a wide range of topics including his feud with The Miz, Big Cass and Brock Lesnar.