Daniel Bryan Mourns Beloved Pet Dog, Liv Morgan Cuts Off Pink Hair

Image via Twitter

Daniel Bryan recently shared some sad news that pet lovers everywhere can relate to – his dog Josie has passed away.

Bryan shared the news in an Instagram post with a photo he had taken of himself and Josie, who has been featured on both Total Divas and Total Bellas.

According to Bryan, he had needed to rush Josie to the emergency vet where she passed away leaving himself and his family devastated.

“Josie was our first baby, and Josie turned us from a couple into a family,” writes Bryan about himself, his wife and their dog.

“When I was going through a mental breakdown and no one else could get through to me, Josie held me together,” he adds. He also noted that during his neck surgery which almost ended his career, Josie gave him comfort and courage.

Liv Morgan Teases New Look

Liv Morgan has been absent from WWE TV for a while and if her Twitter is to be believed, when she comes back she could be sporting a new look.

Morgan was last seen on WWE TV during an episode of SmackDown last July. The pink-haired, blue-tongued former Riott Squad member faced Charlotte Flair in a losing effort.

After the match with Flair, who had taunted Morgan about not “being real”,  Morgan took the headset off of announcer Corey Graves and declared that Charlotte might be right and when she “came back” she was going to “be real.”

By real, could Morgan be referring to a more “realistic” hairdo? Her latest Tweet seems to imply that as it shows a video of her cutting her pink hair.