Daniel Bryan Re-Signs With WWE

Daniel Bryan
Image via GiveMeSport.com

It was probably the worst kept secret in wrestling, but since Bryan’s contract ran out on September 1st, many fans believed that he was holding out so that he could be part of All In.

Bryan has had a number of memorable storylines since his return to WWE and finally, the company is giving him a storyline with his own wife, much like back in 2014 which was both the high and low point of his career.

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When Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring competition in February 2016, he stated that he still wanted to wrestle and that he would walk away from WWE and go back to the Indy’s if they would allow him to be part of a match again.

Shockingly, he was cleared to compete once again earlier this year and has since been able to pick up exactly where he left off, which is why he has been able to sign a new contract with WWE which will keep him on screen for the foreseeable future.

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The Wrestling Observer reported that WWE and Daniel Bryan have finally managed to agree terms and Bryan has signed a new contract. The actual deal was done a few days ago but since WWE are still yet to countersign, this isn’t official. WWE’s signature on the deal is apparently seen as a formality so it’s now believed that Bryan had agreed to a new deal, finally.

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Daniel Bryan teams with his wife Brie Bella next Sunday at Hell In A Cell as they take on The Miz and Maryse and he’s also advertised for Australia’s Super Show-Down, which were two huge hints to the fact that Bryan was always going to sign a new deal.