Daniel Bryan Reveals He Never Wanted to Sign With WWE Due to Limited Creative Freedom

Daniel Bryan is one of the most successful names in WWE today. Last decade, Bryan worked his way up the WWE ladder and eventually cemented his status as the top main eventer in the company. However, his “career-ending” injury quickly forced him to leave the ring while he was still in his prime.

Three years following his retirement, Bryan made his miraculous in-ring return and went on to capture the WWE Championship with a heel turn.

Today, Bryan is actively sporting his babyface American Dragon gimmick and the WWE Universe absolutely loves to see him perform in the ring week in, week out.

On WWE Backstage, Bryan discussed some of the old times to reveal that he never had plans to wrestle in WWE. For those unaware, Bryan was signed to a WWF developmental deal in 2000 before being released in 2001.

The American Dragon had worked his way up the indies and always wanted to have creative freedom which explains why he never saw Vince McMahon’s promotion in the same light as most wrestlers do.

“I actively didn’t want to go to WWE. I liked the DIY aesthetic as far as liked being in control of my own schedule and ‘okay I’m gonna take a couple weeks off here. I’m gonna do this thing, or I’m gonna watch a Seahawks game with my dad, whatever. You know all of that kind of stuff.”

Now recognized as a WWE Legend, Bryan considered himself “actively bad” in promos back in the day and believed he would never make it in WWE which heavily relied on promos at that time.

However, soon after suffering a “decent amount of injuries”, Bryan realized that he either has to sign with WWE or choose another life path. And the rest is history.

Bryan’s journey is nothing short of a fairytale ride and today he is an inspiration to millions across the globe who are actively trying to pursue their dreams.