Daniel Bryan Says Wrestling In The Independent Circuit Has a Greater Feeling Than Working WrestleMania

The 4-time WWE Champion is one of the very best to have ever stepped foot in the ring

Image via WWE

Daniel Bryan has come a long way in the pro wrestling industry – from changing the landscape of the independent circuit to becoming a proud WWE Grand Slam Champion – the 38-year-old Superstar has done it all.

After suffering a dreadful career-ending injury, Bryan was forced to announce his retirement in 2016.

Having served as the General Manager of SmackDown Live for almost two years, Bryan made his miraculous in-ring return at WrestleMania 34. And the rest is history.

During a recent interview with Super Luchas, the former WWE Champion revealed that he misses being an independent wrestler.

“Yes … I really miss all that. And one of the things I miss is fighting with different people. Being independent you can fight with people you’ve never faced before, and that’s something I like. For example, on SmackDown I struggled with Buddy Murphy, and I was very excited, because I had never fought him.”

“As an independent fighter, my mind was always working. 
‘I don’t know who this boy is, I don’t know what he does, I’ve never been in this arena.’ I like those experiences.”

Bryan turned heel last year shortly before Survivor Series, capturing the WWE Championship in the process.

“And it is also interesting because in spite of how great it is to fight at WrestleMania or fight tonight in Bogotá before ten thousand excited fans, I miss the feeling in independent events, even if there were only a few thousand or a few hundred. It is simply a different sensation.”

The new heel Bryan had been enjoying an alliance with Rowan up until this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. While cracking Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker’s case, the former Wyatt Family member was revealed to have been involved in the forklift accident, after which Bryan dismissed him with multiple slaps to the face.