Daniel Bryan Talks About His Last Run as a Full-Time WWE Superstar

Daniel Bryan has only just returned to WWE TV, but he is already talking about having a “last run”.

Bryan, who was absent from WWE TV these previous months due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic was drafted to SmackDown and during this weekend’s episode of Talking Smack, he said that “in his mind” this was his last run.

“This is my last run as a full time Superstar. It’s not really a scoop, I think you can feel it in even just the way that I approach things and the way that my mentality is as far as my view towards younger people and all that kind of stuff,” said Bryan.

“My thing isn’t like ‘I gotta prove to everybody that I’m the best.’ When I’m out there, I’m proving things to myself, and I want things better for the younger talent,” he added.

It should be noted that earlier this year it was reported that Bryan was being given a lot of creative freedom to choose his opponents and who to work with and he had been choosing “younger” talent who were not really being pushed.

He is also reportedly influential backstage and has a lot of input in creative, and not just where his own character is concerned.