Daniel Bryan Talks About Pat Patterson Pushing for Him to Be Rehired

WWE SmackDown superstar Daniel Bryan might be a multiple-time champion in the WWE, but his career in WWE almost ended before it began.

After making his name in the indies, Bryan was brought into WWE as a participant on the first season of NXT in 2010. He had been part of the Nexus invasion angle but was fired for being “too violent” and strangling Justin Roberts with his necktie.

Bryan was rehired shortly after, but according to him, it was recently deceased WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson who championed him in the company.

In an emotional video released by the WWE Network, Bryan talked about Patterson being the only one who had confidence in him during his time in NXT.

“When I first came up to NXT, the company didn’t have a lot of confidence in me, except for Pat Patterson. And then I got fired,” he said.

“People were changing ‘Daniel Bryan’ at a bunch of arenas, and Pat was toe one who pushed, and pushed, and pushed to bring me back,” recalled Bryan.

“Daniel Bryan, here in the WWE, might not even be here without Pat Patterson,” he concluded.