Daniel Bryan’s New Role in Creative is to ‘Elevate’ as Many Talents as Possible

Daniel Bryan recently returned to WWE programming after staying away for a few months due to paternity leave. Bryan immediately announced his intentions to ‘elevate’ talents on the program, and apparently, it wasn’t a kayfabe promo.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Bryan’s position on the writing team is much different from the older writers. Bryan is using his power to elevate as many talents as possible, without giving himself a huge push.

“One person noted to us that Bryan as part of creative is like others of his generation and the opposite of the prior generation in that they don’t want to take advantage of their position and feel it’s their role to get over as many people as they can.”

Bryan noted that his current run with WWE will be the final one of his career.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Bryan, along with Edge on RAW, had joined the writing team. Their work was often praised and seems like the YES Movement leader is enjoying his role of putting over stars.