Daniel Cormier Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID-19 Before Miocic Fight

Daniel Cormier spoke with Yahoo! Sports recently, and revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of his fight against Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 252.

Cormier lost the match and announced his retirement from the sport, and the former two-division champion spilled the beans regarding his health during the build-up to the event.

Several team-mates of Cormier tested positive before the event, but his tests came out negative.

However, Cormier attributed a product named Oura Ring, which helped him identify that he was positive for the virus.

Cormier explained that the ring helped him identify his body being weakened, post which he immediately saw a doctor.

Cormier added that his fight with Miocic could have been canceled if he had found about it a little later.

Cormier clarified that he is not using this as an excuse for his loss against the champion. He merely wanted to thank the Oura company for allowing him to make it to the Octagon for the last fight of his career.

“This is not an excuse at all. Miocic won the fight and he fought beautifully. This is a thank you almost to Oura for allowing me to get to the fight. I might have just kept pushing and not known I had it. But I was able to take care of myself properly and then get back into training and compete for the heavyweight championship of the world. Without the ring, I don’t think that’s possible.”