Darby Allin Promises To Humble Chris Jericho and Take The AEW World Championship

Image via tpww.net

Darby Allin, the number one contender for AEW’s World Championship, promises to humble the current champion, Chris Jericho.

Allin became the number one contender after defeating Jimmy Havoc on this week’s AEW Dynamite. He is set to face Jericho during the next episode of Dynamite in a Philadelphia Street Fight. The winner of the match will then face Cody Rhodes during AEW Full Gear on November 9.

Jericho has already commented on the match with Allin, who attacked him after the last Dynamite show.

Jericho, who has dubbed himself the Painmaker for the amount of pain he’s saying he’s going to make Allin feel, has told Allin that their match will be the match of Allin’s career and “the last one.”

Allin has replied to Jericho in a recently released video stating that the current AEW champion needs to be humbled and that he would be the one to do it.

“You think I’m a street dog. Think I’m too reckless, but make no mistake about it behind what I do, is a brain. You could ask me, ‘Darby, what is it you want most out of the wrestling business?’ I’ll look you dead in the eye and tell you this. I want to be the same man leaving, as I came in. I don’t want a big head. I don’t want to believe I’m a God. You, you, Chris Jericho, believe you are the highest power. It’s not just an act,” states Allin.

“You need to be humbled, in no better way than losing to me. Someone you view, so poorly. And when I win that AEW Championship, I don’t need a huge after-party, I don’t need champagne. Your blood on my hands will be my high,” he added.