Darren Young Blames Backstage Politics For Holding Him Back In WWE

Darren Young
Image via Sportskeeda.com

Darren Young is a former Tag Team Champion alongside Titus O’Neil when he was performing as one half of The Prime Time Players, but his time in WWE came to an end in the fall of 2017, when he was released from the company.

Young was never utilized to his full potential whilst he was working for WWE and he recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, where he revealed that one of the main reasons for this was because of backstage politics, which actually cost him the Intercontinental Championship.

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“When I first met the Miz years ago I couldn’t stand him.” He said via Ringsidenews. “He was the loudest person in the room but fast forward to working with him helped me so much in that storyline. [In the] promo segments, the wrestling matches and he was such a great guy.”

“He was actually for me beating him for the Intercontinental title at Battleground and of course, like all heels, he could take it back the next day or a couple weeks from now. It is all like giving a dog a bone and Miz was all about saying to give the title to Darren and then I’ll take it back from him.”

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“We are storytellers and I don’t take it seriously, but it is unfortunate the people that are under Vince McMahon I guess didn’t have my back and so I guess you’ve got some favorites and not so favorites. I guess I wasn’t a favorite to someone under Vince and eventually it got kiboshed.”

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Young is currently scheduled to be part of the 2018 King of Trio’s tournament with Chikara, which will begin on August 31st. The former Champion has been out of the spotlight over the past few months but looks to be continuing his wrestling career outside of WWE.