Darren Young Reflects On His WWE Release, Discusses Future Plans

Image via dailyddt.com

Darren Young was one of WWE’s most liked rookies after his main roster breakout in 2010 (as part of Nexus). A former one-time WWE Tag Team Champion with Titus O’Neil as Prime Time Players, Young had quite the physique and look of a promising Superstar.

Young’s character soon died its death and Bobby Backlund‘s “Make Darren Young Great Again” didn’t prove to be much of a lifesaver either.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, the ex-Superstar reflected on his WWE release and opened up about his upcoming plans.

Triple H Made Him Cry Backstage:

“It’s unfortunate that someone didn’t have my back because when I was having my last feud with The Miz, I was told I couldn’t use the crossface chicken wing because it was a dangerous hold. Legit. I said I know what I’m doing, I’m not going to kill anyone. Fast forward and I found out the move was being saved for Asuka. The Miz pointed that out to me in the locker room weeks later and I was like ‘I f*cking knew it!’ It broke my heart. I’ve got pictures of him on my wall in my childhood room. It broke my heart. I cried like a baby backstage and he came over and was like ‘Darren, why are you crying?’”

On Being Called “Black John Cena”:

“Well I wish I made black John Cena type money. I think I have that All-American chin like him.”

On Wanting To Sign With AEW:

“I’ve been trying to get into AEW. I feel like I still have a lot left in the tank. I contacted Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi. I’ve also contacted Ring Of Honor. I still want to be able to represent and contribute in the wrestling world because I’m still a diehard fan, I still have a lot left in the tank. I’m 35 years old and I feel so alive. Hopefully with this interview people can spread the word about me wanting to get into AEW or ROH or New Japan.”