Dave Bautista On Possibly Losing MCU’s Drax Role: “You Can’t Threaten A Poor Man With Poverty”

batista drax
Image via as.com

Former WWE Superstar Dave “The Animal” Bautista has been publicly airing his opinion over the firing of director James Gunn from the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” franchise.

It was earlier reported that Batista would quit Marvel unless Gunn’s script was followed in the upcoming “Guardians Of The Galaxy” movie.

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Gunn had made some tasteless jokes years ago that recently came to light. The resurfacing of those jokes caused Marvel to fire Gunn from the franchise.

Batista was recently interviewed by HeyUGuys channel on YouTube where the former WWE Champion noted of being well aware that his public stance to reinstate Gunn could cost him his job as MCU’s Drax the Destroyer.

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Bautista said, “No, I’m aware that this could possibly cost me a job that I care for very much. But at the same time, it’s an integrity issue. It’s also a loyalty issue, so no I’m not going to — I’m not gonna bite my tongue for anything, and that’s just who I am as a person.”

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“I’ve just been honest what I’ve been and that’s just the way I live my life as an honest person. It is what it is. If it’s enough to cost me a job and that’s just what happens — You can’t threaten a poor man with poverty. You know I grew up poor. I know what it’s like to be poor. I’m not afraid of losing money. It means nothing to me. I will wrestle in backyards in front of ten people if I have to make a living, so I’m not going to be flexible with my integrity.”

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“I’m just going to speak my mind and try not to be disrespectful and that’s why I always say and I make sure that this is directed at certain people like, not Marvel. Not any of those execs, who I love very much. That’s just what it is. It’s my integrity as a person, to be honest.”

The Animal had recently talked about having one last WrestleMania match against his mentor and Evolution teammate Triple H. You can read the article here.