Davey Boy Smith Jr. Originally Considered for NXT UK, Potentially Joining NXT

Davey Boy Smith Jr., son of WWE Hall of Famer The British Bulldog, confirmed rumors recently that he was in talks with WWE.

Smith Jr., who currently works mostly with MLW, told the Metro UK that there has been quite a bit of interest from his father’s old company.

“I think that the plan – or what they were hoping – was for me to come to NXT UK,” said Smith Jr. “But unfortunately, right now because of COVID, those doors are kind of locked.”

Smith Jr. currently resides in Tampa, Florida, and he added that because of the way things are, there has been a shift in thinking and he might end up going to NXT.

“We’re discussing and talking. I can’t say anything for sure, but there have been talks,” he said.

WWE isn’t the only company reportedly interested in Smith Jr. MLW is interested in keeping him and AEW, Impact, and even All Japan have reportedly sent out feelers.

Reports of WWE’s interest in Smith Jr. really heated up last year when his father had been announced as part of the WWE Hall of Fame. He was supposed to be part of the induction ceremony but plans were nixed due to COVID-19.