David Otunga Catches A Thief Attempting To Break Into His Car

David Otunga
Image via WWE.com

David Otunga was once a WWE Tag Team Champion, but he has since been relegated to working at the commentary table or as part of the panel on the company’s monthly kick off shows. Otunga is also an actor outside of the company, which means that he could be seen as a target by thieves and last night the WWE announcer was confronted by a knife-wielding thief attempting to break into his car.

Otunga posted the following update on his Instagram page where he is able to tell the full story of the attack, where he was thankfully able to get away unharmed.


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The WWE announcer reveals that he was leaving the gym and approached his car when he realized that there was someone in there on his driver’s seat. Otunga obviously confronted the thief and shockingly he then pleaded for mercy and was able to run away terrified. It was only after his interaction with the assailant that he realized that he had a knife since he left it behind. It’s shocking how close Otunga came to being physically harmed, but luckily he came out of the altercation unscathed.

It was only a few years ago that Daniel Bryan chased a thief that he caught breaking into his home and then restrained him until the police turned up. Both these stories prove that thieves should do their homework before they decide to target wrestlers since they aren’t the kind of characters who will back down from confrontation.

Otunga was obviously shaken up by the incident but is expected to be back on WWE TV next weekend when he’s part of the pre-show panel ahead of SummerSlam.