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David Otunga’s Commentary Pissed Off Kevin Owens

WWE Superstar and commentator David Otunga has revealed that his on-air commentary had legitimately pissed off former Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, the original Nexus member noted how his comment had caused a tension between him and KO.

Kevin Owens got real mad at me one time. I was trying to make some kind of witty comment and I said ‘Battle of the Bulge’, and I said ‘we aren’t talking about Kevin Owens’ stomach’ or something like that. I think it was pretty tame. Owens was mad and coming at me on Twitter, and Kevin Owens is actually one of my favorite characters. He’s different. Yeah, his stomach hangs over, but I think that’s awesome. So I had to say ‘hey man, we’re on the same team, this is what we do’. He was shoot mad. I think we’re cool now, I hope!”

Dolph Ziggler Responds To Fan With AEW Suggestion

All Elite Wrestling caused shockwaves in the pro wrestling business ever since the early rumors of the promotion started doing rounds on social media.

The new promotion has not only encouraged several Superstars to request WWE for their releases, but has also influenced WWE’s recent booking decisions.

Dolph Ziggler recently roasted a Twitterian for suggesting that he and The Miz should jump ship to AEW once their current WWE contracts expire.

Identities Of Police Officers On RAW

Becky Lynch got arrested by Atlanta Police this week on Monday Night RAW.

Bodyslam reports that the police officers and security guards involved in the segment are all indie wrestlers in real life.

Josh Wolverton, Elijah Evans, Cody Vance, Alan Angels, Matt Griffin, Super Nova, Micah Taylor, Paul Wolf, and Caleb Scott are the indie wrestlers who were lucky enough to share on-screen time with The Man through the arrest segment.