Dean Ambrose Comments On Raw Tag Team Championship Loss

Monday Night Raw emanated from The United Kingdom this week and the WWE Universe in attendance bore witness to AOP being crowned the new Raw Tag Team Champions.

It seemed as though Seth Rollins was going to relinquish the Championships since Dean Ambrose refused to defend them with him, but Acting General Manager Baron Corbin had other plans.

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Rollins was forced to defend the Championships in a handicap match against the former NXT Tag Team Champions, but the numbers game was too much for The Architect to bear.

Following the match, Ambrose made his way to ringside where he taunted his former teammate and then delivered a Dirty Deeds before he walked away and left Rollins lying in the ring.

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Ambrose hasn’t spoken out over the past few days, but in a recent interview with The Mirror, The Lunatic Fringe was finally able to put his emotions into words.

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“If you’d have just asked nicely. I might have just come out to help you but no, you’re too stupid and you’re too selfish! You wanted to do it all by yourself, and how did that work out for you? Lucky for you, tonight isn’t gonna be like last night, because I don’t give two cents about your stupid championship! All I care about tonight is beating your ass,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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The match that Ambrose is referring to ended in disqualification after he stooped to using illegal tactics to overcome his former friend and the referee called for the bell after a low blow.

This feud has been pushed hard by WWE over the past few weeks and is expected to last all the way through to WrestleMania 35.