Dean Ambrose Reportedly Changes Up The Script On RAW, Original Plans For The Lunatic Fringe

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Dean Ambrose seemingly turned face last night on Monday Night RAW when he told his long-time friend and rival Seth Rollins to “Slay The Beast” at WrestleMania.

This came out of the blue for many WWE fans, who were just becoming accustomed to Ambrose as a heel after months of The Lunatic Fringe attempting to make his new character work.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, the reason that the entire segment felt a little off was because Dean Ambrose decided to change up the script.

“That turn was ridiculous. I don’t even know, well I do know they had something scripted and Dean wasn’t feeling it and Dean did what he did and my god was it bad,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Meltzer went on to explain what the original plan for The Moral Compass on RAW actually was, where he could have explained his reasoning behind the statement, but this reportedly didn’t happen.

“Originally he was supposed to explain like why he said ‘Slay the beast,’ but he didn’t. So he just said, ‘Slay the beast.’”

“You know it was one of those about it was the deal of whatever, we started together and blah blah the whole Shield thing and Roman Reigns and all that which makes all the sense in the world considering the turn and everything. I just gotta say that Dean Ambrose turn, in hindsight, the heel turn it sure was a flop, wasn’t it?” He said via Ringsidenews.

Many fans believe that recent face turn now opens the door for one more Shield reunion before Ambrose walks away from the company, but it is unknown what the future actually holds for Ambrose since his contract expires in less than two months.