Dean Ambrose Reportedly Turned Down Million-Dollar Multi-Year WWE Deal

Dean Ambrose is officially done with WWE after WrestleMania 35.

On PWInsider Elite audio, Mike Johnson provided more details on Ambrose and how the former Shield member recently turned down a million-dollar multi-year deal from WWE.

“We are told that Ambrose was offered a 5-year deal. That would be over seven figures per year. We are told that Ambrose met with different members of WWE management over the last couple of days.”

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“[Ambrose] made it clear by the time he had finished with his final meeting at Monday Night Raw yesterday, that he was not intending to sign a new deal and was looking to leave. We were told this was not a financial issue.”

WWE also confirmed Dean’s departure on its official website yesterday.

Ambrose returned to WWE prior to SummerSlam and turned heel on the very night Roman Reigns had relinquished the Universal Championship and announced his medical hiatus.

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Since his return, The Moral Compass has captured two titles – the RAW Tag Team Championship (with Seth Rollins) and the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

One of Ambrose’s close friends revealed that the soon-to-be ex-Superstar has saved a bank due to the fact that he doesn’t live an expensive lifestyle and WWE is carrying things forward with the notion that he will be walking out of the company at the end of April.

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If Ambrose is planning to jump ship to All Elite Wrestling, the timing could be in his favor for the promotion’s first event “Double Or Nothing” takes place at the end of May in Las Vegas.

Hopefully, WWE still has time to approach the Grand Slam Champion with a better offer.

Ambrose is reportedly frustrated with the creative and scripted interviews. Although a better offer consisting of a bigger sum or finer creative is possible, Ambrose’s friends believe that there’s not much WWE can do to change The Lunatic’s decision.