Dean Ambrose Reveals That He Almost Died Ahead Of Tricep Surgery

dean ambrose
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Dean Ambrose was sidelined with a tricep tear back in December and it was revealed that the former World Champion would need surgery and could have been looking at nine months on the treatment table.

Ambrose was in a storyline with Seth Rollins at the time and many fans believed that he wouldn’t be out of action for very long, but when he finally did return in August, he had been on the sidelines for more than eight months.

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The Shield member revealed to that one of the reasons he was on the sidelines for very long was because he ran into a number of complications ahead of his first surgery.

“It’s good to get back out in front of people. I had a lot of frustration I needed to really get out that built up over the last eight months. It was a long, long period of time. Much longer than would have been anticipated.”

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“It was just one nightmare after another. It was a pretty challenging period of time to go through. I ended up having two different surgeries. I had this MRSA, Staph infection. I nearly died.”

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“I was in the hospital for a week plugged up to this antibiotic drip thing, and I was on all these antibiotics for months that make you puke and crap your pants.”

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Luckily, Ambrose has been able to overcome all of these issues in recent months and has come back stronger than ever with a new look.

The former World Champion teams with Seth Rollins this weekend at Hell in a Cell and could win back the Tag Team Championships that he should have won on Christmas Day if he wasn’t injured, which would mean that Ambrose’s year has come full circle.