Dean Ambrose Was Reportedly Backstage At Crown Jewel But Wasn’t Seen On Camera

dean ambrose
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John Cena and Daniel Bryan were huge misses at WWE Crown Jewel, but they made the decision not to travel to Saudi Arabia given the controversy that surrounded the country at that time.

Whilst Bryan and Cena were written out of the show at their own request, Dean Ambrose was also someone who was reluctant to make the trip but luckily he was never actually added to the show so he didn’t have to be removed.

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Renee Young was announced as part of the broadcast team for the show just days before the event, which could have been a huge reason why Ambrose changed his mind and actually made the trip.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the current Raw Tag Team Champion remained backstage and wasn’t used on camera since he was mainly seen as a chaperone for his wife.

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Ambrose did media ahead of the show and supported her wife as she made history, but WWE opted to leave him off the card.

“Dean Ambrose was backstage at Crown Jewel but did not appear on camera. Ambrose did promotional interviews with the local media and accompanied his wife Renee Young, who worked on the broadcast team for the show.”

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Young’s inclusion in the show was a huge step forward for the country and obviously, her safety was paramount which could be why Ambrose decided to make the trip after all.

Rollins was part of the World Cup Tournament and lost his semi-final match to Dolph Ziggler which begs the question as to why WWE didn’t allow Ambrose to be part of the show and at least distract Rollins in order to make the loss look much worse.