Details of Brodie Lee Jr.’s AEW Contract Revealed

The son of the late Jon Huber, Brodie Lee Jr., signed a contract with AEW recently, and in an Instagram post, his mother Amanda Huber provided some additional details regarding the contract.

The contract provides for Lee Jr. to become an in-ring AEW talent when he is older, and according to Huber, it will become valid on his 18th birthday.

However, Huber clarified this is ‘if’ he chooses to become a wrestler and there is no obligation for Lee Jr. to become a wrestler.

She also stated that school would remain the number one priority for her son and that he is not seriously training yet and is not “taking bookings or anything ridiculous right now.”

Huber provided the clarification as she is seeing stories on social media about what the contract means, including that he is being “forced” into the wrestling business.

Even before his father died, Lee Jr was reportedly an enthusiastic wrestling fan, so it’s likely he would have joined the “business” even without his father’s passing earning him an early contract.

Though Huber stated that Lee Jr. is not seriously training, he is already getting some exposure and having a lot of fun in the wrestling ring.

The Instagram post also featured a video clip of Lee Jr. in the ring “training” with WWE’s Liv Morgan, Natalya, and Tyson Kidd. According to Huber, this was taken on a visit to Natalya and Kidd.

Huber recently posted that she and her family did not “hate” WWE and in fact remained good friends with many in the company.

Lee Jr. also cut a promo that was included in the latest episode of AEW Dark. According to Huber in the Instagram post, AEW hadn’t initially told them that the promo would be aired but seeing that it was, really made Lee Jr. smile.