Details On Possible Order That Could Affect WWE’s Filming Schedule At The Performance Center

Performance Center
Image via PerformanceCenter

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the wrestling world over the past few weeks, with many stars being forced into self-isolation, shows canceled or postponed and fans banned from attending any events that are still able to take place.

WWE seems to have found a way to pull through the crisis by reverting back to their home in Orlando, Florida and presenting all of their live shows from the Performance Center. This plan could hit a few issues in the coming weeks since the “Stay-At-Home” order which has been issued in Orange County isn’t set to be lifted until April 9th.

WWE has already pre-recorded shows up to WrestleMania weekend and it’s believed that The Raw After WrestleMania has also been pre-recorded, but if the order isn’t lifted on April 9th, then the company could face some issues when recording their upcoming shows.

According to a Tweet by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, who also works on WWE’s Backstage as a News Correspondent, WWE is looking to continue filming from the Performance Center once the order has been lifted, but there could be some problems with the filming at that location if it’s deemed too soon to lift the order in the state.

Most of Europe is currently in lockdown as the death toll continues to rise in places like France, Italy, Spain, The United States, and The United Kingdom. In the UK the lockdown was set at 21 days on Monday night, which means that England won’t be out of a lockdown until the 13th April at the earliest.

The United States could be looking at the same level of a lockdown until then, which means that the SmackDown episode on April 10th could be affected if WWE is unable to bring WWE stars back to Florida in time for the show.