Diamond Dallas Page Doesn’t See Himself Signing With AEW

Image via WWE

In a recent interview with Bill Apter, Diamond Dallas Page gave his opinion about AEW and what having another big wrestling company around will do for the industry.

Page stated that he doesn’t believe that he will ever sign with AEW, not necessarily because of loyalty to the WWE but because he believes that it’s important that he be a neutral opinion for AEW’s Cody Rhodes.

“I’m not signed with AEW because I don’t think I’ll ever do it no matter what happens because I like being the guy that Cody can talk to that has no agenda. Like, ‘Here’s my opinion if you want it’, and most times he does and sometimes he takes it and sometimes he doesn’t. It’s just like we’ve been doing since he was a kid, “said Page.

Page isn’t really averse to working with the company every now and then and in fact was at AEW’s Double or Nothing Pay-Per-View.

Page also gave his opinion that AEW isn’t really competition for the WWE but something more important and that is an alternative for fans of wrestling. Page also believes that, having AEW around could “light a fire” in WWE much like having WCW as competition was the catalyst for the WWE starting the “Attitude Era”.

“I’d like to see them go head to head,” said Page about AEW and WWE. “I say that, only because people can flick the channel and make their own decisions. It will only make WWE so much tighter. Because how good did they get when WCW was kicking their ass?”

According to Page, it was only when WCW was challenging WWE that the writing really started to improve and Attitude Era stars and legends such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, and even DX were given the chance to shine as they did.

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