Did A Rare Double-Turn Take Place This Week On Raw?

Bobby Lashley
Image via Sportskeeda.com

Over the past few weeks, Bobby Lashley and Kevin Owens have had a number of issues which originally also involved Elias. The Dominator then teamed up with John Cena at Super Show-Down and picked up the win over Owens and Elias, but this week on Raw many fans were left confused as a seemingly rare double turn took place.

Owens has always seen as a dominant heel and when he entered his match against Lashley, it was obvious that he was the heel and Lashley was the face. As the match progressed, there was an aggressive side of Lashley that was seemingly coming through and this led to fans cheering whenever Owens hit a significant move.

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Lio Rush went on to help Lashley pick up the win, since he had targetted Owens’ injured knee all the way through but after the match, he didn’t leave the ring like a face, instead he continued to assault Owens and wrapped his knee around the ring post a number of times, before fending off referees as well.

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Lashley hasn’t gained the reaction that WWE had hoped for since his return to the company back in April, but it wasn’t believed that this would be a reason to turn him heel.

Having Rush by his side definitely makes him much more of a heel and since Kevin Owens has always had a way of smoothly transitioning into a face or heel, this was perhaps the perfect way for the company to allow Lashley to take up a much easier position on the roster.

It’s safe to say that the issues between Lashley and Owens are far from over and even though it isn’t announced yet, there should be a match between both men at WWE Crown Jewel.