Did Drake Maverick Really Pee Himself At Survivor Series?

Image via WWE.com

Did Drake Maverick actually piss himself during Survivor Series? According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Drake could have done that.

During the Survivor Series match between the Authors of Pain and The Bar, the Big Show accompanied the Bar to the ring. When Maverick attempted to interfere in the match, the Big Show grabbed him. At this point, something that seemed to be a ‘pee spot’ appeared on Maverick’s pants.

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Maverick peeing himself was played as a reaction to his fear of the Big Show. While it might have been a low spot for Maverick’s reputation, it was actually a pretty good distraction as both the Bar and the Big Show were taken aback and were caught off guard by the AOP’s renewed offense.

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According to Meltzer, the spot was planned and Maverick actually had a gimmick device that was supposed to “fake” a urine spot. At a certain point during the match, you can actually see him adjusting the device in his pants.

The device is said to have malfunctioned and, an unconfirmed report says that Maverick actually resorted to letting some actual pee out.

Maverick is known for being quite committed to getting angles over so the rumor may be true. Storyline wise, the spot has been used to make fun of Maverick in backstage segments.

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Maverick himself is not above poking some fun of himself and the Survivor Series pee spot as you can see from the following video that he made and posted on his Twitter account.