Did WWE Fabricate The Real Life Heat Between Maryse And Nikki Bella?

There was a story a number of years ago that surrounded Nikki Bella and Maryse and stated that Nikki had something to do with Maryse not being rehired by WWE back in 2013.

Maryse, Kelly Kelly, and Maria were all supposed to be rehired by WWE when they were looking to put Total Divas, but Brie and Nikki convinced the women to hold out for better contracts and then signed with the company anyway.

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This was said to have created real-life heat between all of the women involved and Maryse even addressed this on the first episode of Total Divas when she told Brie that she didn’t forgive her for costing her a job.

Mike Johnson of PWinsider recently talked about the issues between Maryse and Nikki Bella on PWInsider elite, where he pointed out that he believes WWE fabricated much of the drama between the women so that their WrestleMania match would have much more hype.

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“Was this storyline or was this part of Maryse’s release a few years ago? I don’t remember her release contributed to Nikki Bella. That doesn’t mean that Nikki Bella isn’t seen as someone that runs that locker room and certainly has power and can sway things in the WWE locker room on the female side of things.”

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“I think it was more of a storyline that they added to give Maryse and Nikki another reason to have some issues between them to build up the drama for the WrestleMania match,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Nikki Bella has recently revealed that she is taking another hiatus from WWE, whilst Maryse has been an occasional accomplice of her husband on SmackDown Live, which means it’s highly unlikely that the two women will be crossing paths again in the future.