Dis-arm-her Beats Armbar? Becky Lynch Believes So

becky lynch
Image via express.co.uk

Can Becky Lynch beat Ronda Rousey? Lynch believes so, and it could all come down to a subtle difference in the way they execute their finishing maneuvers.

Both Lynch and Rousey are known for “taking” or breaking arms with their armbar submissions. But speaking on the podcast In This Corner, Becky explained why her Dis-arm-her is better.

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“Have you been in a straight armbar before? Very painful. Very painful, it will snap your arm. But from my location, I can snap your arm, and choke you out with my leg at the same time. It’s a double whammy,” explained Lynch.

While it might be interesting to see the Irish Lasskicker and The Baddest Woman On The Planet get in a submission battle, it’s a match we are probably going to have to wait some time to see.

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The biggest factor keeping Lynch and Rousey apart is the fact that they are in separate brands. While there is the chance that they could clash on a co-branded pay-per-view, it probably won’t be happening anytime soon as both are involved in red-hot feuds in their own brands.

Lynch is chasing after the Smackdown Women’s Championship, currently held by her former best friend Charlotte Flair. The two will most likely have a title match coming at Hell In A Cell (September 16).

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Rousey meanwhile, took the RAW Women’s Championship from Alexa Bliss during Summerslam. She will be defending her title from Bliss at Hell In A Cell. It’s rumored Rousey will retain against Bliss in order to put the title on the line against Nikki Bella during the all-women Evolution pay-per-view (October 28).