Disco Inferno Criticizes WWE for Producing Goofy Segments

Disco Inferno recently spoke with Sportskeeda. Among other things, he talked about WWE’s declining viewership. This week, Raw generated record low-viewership in the history of the show.

Talking about the same, Inferno said that WWE’s biggest mistake is producing comedic segments every week.

“It’s too cartoonish, right, which is the problem with professional wrestling today and it’s not just with WWE. When people turn on these shows, they’re hearing wrestling’s on, if you’re turning it on and watching Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, you’re like wow, this is interesting, this is pretty compelling stuff. But if you’re watching like Otis and The Miz and Morrison, you’re just saying this is goofy, cartoonish, fake, buddy cop movie acting stuff.”

“This is like a B movie comedy, you know what I’m saying? It’s way too much of that on the shows. The shows today are splintered with four or five or six compelling things in nine hours of TV that we have, right? Everything else seems to be grounded in comedy or cartoonishness. And it’s like, the mix isn’t good. There’s too much of it. There’s not enough serious stuff.”

Further criticizing the creative aspect of WWE, Inferno said that Monday Night Raw struggles because of the lack of seriousness in segments. He insisted that WWE should produce serious stuff like the Roman Reigns angle. He also listed scripted promos as one of the dealbreakers for him.

“Until they start turning things more serious, like the Roman angle, you see how successful that angle is and like, ok guys maybe this is the blueprint. But no, you gotta have goofy guys saying goofy things, doing goofy things, acting nonsensical. That’s for me, the biggest problem across the board, Monday Night RAW especially, which is why they’re doing atrociously low ratings.”