Dolph Ziggler On His WWE Crown Jewel Screwjob : “It Could Be Worse”

6-time WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Ziggler was originally slated to face The Miz in the finals of the inaugural 8-Man WWE World Cup at Crown Jewel. However, Miz’s injury during the first few minutes of the much-anticipated finals led Shane McMahon to replace him as an in-ring competitor. McMahon then cemented himself as the “Best In The World” by pinning Ziggler to claim the trophy.

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In a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, The Showoff discussed his Crown Jewel screwjob – suffering defeat at the hands of Vince McMahon’s son. As reported earlier, Shane was originally billed as the winner of the tournament prior to the event even though he was not one of the 8 competitors in the World Cup.

Ziggler said, “I mean feel great, it could be worse. It could be. I mean you watch people’s back around here. You never know how it’s gonna end. DTA: Don’t Trust Nobody. That’s the way I see it.”

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Had Ziggler won the WWE World Cup, he might have once again had the opportunity to cement himself as a top WWE Superstar given the highly promising main-eventer’s future he enjoyed back when he debuted on the main roster.

Since the interview took place prior to this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, little did the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion know that AOP would be capturing the RAW Tag Team Championship on the show.

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Talking about the then RAW Tag Titles the future of which then hung around Rollins (and Ambrose’s) waist(s), The Showoff said,

“I think it’s very possible because what’s the deal with the titles right now? Does anyone have them? Where are they? I mean, are they up for grabs or maybe they FedEx them back to us and we take them again? If we have to beat somebody to take them, that’s great. Seth by himself should be pretty easy to beat because I beat him just a couple days ago at Crown Jewel so no big deal.”

Thanks to Ringside News for the transcriptions.